Ariel Community Joins the Prestigious 2Gether International Fall Accelerator Cohort

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Empowering Disabled Founders: A New Chapter for Ariel Community

In an exciting development, Ariel Community has been selected to join the Fall 2023 Cohort of the 2Gether-International Accelerator Program, a renowned initiative leading the charge in empowering disabled entrepreneurs. This milestone underscores Ariel Community's commitment to fostering innovation and inclusivity, aligning perfectly with 2Gether-International's mission to transform the entrepreneurial landscape for disabled founders.

2Gether-International: A Beacon of Change

2Gether-International stands out as the Leading Startup Accelerator for Disabled Founders. Its core mission is to support and uplift disabled entrepreneurs by providing them with essential resources to launch and scale high-impact, high-growth startups. By flipping the narrative around disability, 2Gether-International envisions a world where disability is recognized as a competitive advantage in the business realm, challenging conventional entrepreneurial ecosystems to embrace this paradigm shift.

The Journey of Co-Founder Jordan Freeman

At the heart of Ariel Community's story is Co-Founder Jordan Freeman, whose personal journey with 'invisible disabilities' adds a layer of authenticity and inspiration to the organisation's mission. Jordan's collaboration with a diverse group of founders, all of whom are navigating their entrepreneurial journeys with disabilities, highlights the collective strength and determination inherent in the community. This collaboration, nurtured through 2Gether-International's support, is a testament to the untapped potential of disabled entrepreneurs.

The Impact of 2Gether-International's Program

2Gether-International's program is more than just an accelerator; it's a transformative experience that offers:

  • Resource Connection: Facilitating access to essential resources that disabled founders need to flourish.
  • Support for High-Impact Ventures: Focusing on startups led by people with disabilities, poised for substantial growth and societal impact.
  • Expert Mentorship and Peer Support: Providing tailored mentorship and a supportive community to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of disabled founders.
  • Belief in Potential: At its core, the program is driven by a firm belief in the vast potential of people with disabilities.

Global Cohesion in the 2023 Fall Program

The 2023 Fall Program is set to be a global convergence of some of the most innovative disabled founders. By bringing together a diverse array of talents from around the world, the program not only amplifies individual stories but also fosters a collective narrative of empowerment and success.

A Future of Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Ariel Community's inclusion in this cohort marks a significant step forward in its journey, embodying a future where inclusivity and diversity are not just ideals but realities in the entrepreneurial world. As they embark on this new chapter with 2Gether-International, the promise of a more inclusive and innovative future shines brighter than ever.

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Ariel Community Team

The Ariel Community Team are dedicated to delivering innovative digital products to improve disability inclusion throughout Australia.

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