Ariel Community Selected for Prestigious I2N Accelerator Program at University of Newcastle

Ariel Community joins I2N Accelerator to promote accessibility, connecting people with disabilities to inclusive businesses nationwide.

Ariel Community Team
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We are thrilled to announce that the Ariel Community team has achieved yet another milestone in its journey of innovation and growth. The University of Newcastle's prestigious I2N Accelerator Program has extended an invitation to the Ariel team to take part in the 2023 cohort. 

With a steadfast commitment to fostering a more inclusive society, Ariel's suite of innovative products aim to revolutionise the way people with disabilities access vital services and engage with businesses nationwide. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a strong sense of community, Ariel is dedicated to empowering individuals to explore new opportunities, participate in meaningful experiences, and enjoy equal access to the services they need.

Ariel Community Co-Founder and Director Jordan Freeman (right) with Ariel App Information Day Attendee (left).

The I2N Accelerator Program is a highly competitive initiative designed to support early-stage startups and entrepreneurs, providing them with invaluable resources, mentorship, and opportunities to foster growth and success. Ariel's selection for this program is a testament to the vision and dedication of our community, which has continuously pushed the boundaries of technology and community-driven initiatives.

The I2N Accelerator Program, known for its focus on groundbreaking initiatives with the potential for substantial societal impact, has recognised the transformative potential of Ariel's offerings. By joining forces with the University of Newcastle's innovation ecosystem, Ariel gains access to invaluable mentorship, resources, and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Ariel Community Co-Founder and Director Kate Maslen (right) with Ariel App Ambassadors (left)

"Our inclusion in the I2N Accelerator Program represents a giant leap forward in our mission to break down barriers and empower people with disability," said Jordan Freeman, Co-Founder and Director at Ariel Community. "We believe that every individual should have equal access to opportunities, and with the support of I2N, we are confident in scaling our impact throughout Australia."

At its core, Ariel Community serves as a bridge, connecting individuals with disabilities to an extensive network of businesses and services designed with accessibility in mind. By providing a platform that fosters collaboration and engagement, Ariel ensures that these businesses and services can proactively adapt to the diverse needs of their customers, promoting an inclusive approach to customer service and experience.

As Ariel embarks on this exciting chapter in collaboration with the I2N Accelerator Program, the commitment to inclusivity and accessibility remains steadfast. By empowering people with disabilities, we strive to foster a society where everyone can thrive, participate, and be celebrated for their unique contributions.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we work together to shatter barriers and build a more inclusive Australia.

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Ariel Community Team

The Ariel Community Team are dedicated to delivering innovative digital products to improve disability inclusion throughout Australia.

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