Central Coast

NSW, Australia

Launched: August, 2023


The Central Coast, located on Darkinjung land, is an area renowned for its natural splendor, cultural heritage, and vibrant community. As home to the Darkinjung people, the region respects and celebrates its original custodians. The launch of the Ariel App in August 2023 marked an exciting step towards fostering inclusivity and accessibility, making the Central Coast an even more welcoming place for all.

Getting Involved

Embark on a journey of inclusion and accessibility in the Central Coast!

  • For Residents and Visitors: Dive into the Central Coast's accessible and inclusive businesses with the Ariel App, your key to unlocking all that the region has to offer. Available on both the App Store and Google Play, the app is designed to enhance your experience in this captivating coastal region.
  • For Businesses: Expand your reach with the Ariel App. Focus on accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring your offerings connect with the diverse community. Click here for more information for organisations or contact us through our contact form.

Location Profile

  • Cultural Heritage: As Darkinjung land, Central Coast is imbued with rich traditions, stories, and connection to the indigenous community.
  • Natural Beauty: From stunning beaches to lush hinterlands, the Central Coast offers an array of outdoor adventures and scenic vistas.
  • Community Engagement: A strong sense of community pervades the region, with plenty of local events, art, and cultural festivals to enjoy.
  • Thriving Economy: A diverse economic landscape, with opportunities in tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and more, fostering growth and innovation.
  • Accessibility and Inclusion: The launch of the Ariel App reflects commitment to the Central Coast and creating an inclusive environment for residents, visitors, and businesses alike.
  • Tourist Destination: A sought-after spot for tourists, offering an array of attractions from water sports, hiking trails, dining experiences, and much more.
  • Sustainability Focus: Emphasis on sustainable practices, preserving the natural charm and ecological balance of the region.