Lake Macquarie

NSW, Australia

Launched: February, 2022


Lake Macquarie is one of the foundational regions for the Ariel App. It took flight in this stunning location in February 2022 as a pilot region, marking the beginning of an inclusive journey. Nestled on the traditional lands of the Awabakal people, Lake Macquarie embodies a rich cultural heritage that continues to influence and enrich its vibrant community.

Getting Involved 

Ariel extends a warm welcome to the Lake Macquarie community, urging you to be an integral part of an evolving tapestry of inclusivity and accessibility. By harnessing the Ariel App, you stand to be an active voice and force in moulding a community that brims with acceptance and value.

  • For Residents and Visitors: Dive into Lake Macquarie's accessible and inclusive businesses using the Ariel App. Ready for download on both the App Store and Google Play, the app beckons you to offer feedback, interact with unique local gems, and witness firsthand how Lake Macquarie's landscape is being redefined.
  • For Businesses: The call is clear - transform and be part of the future. By integrating with the Ariel App, businesses can broaden their horizons, ensuring they are accessible and inclusive to all. Click here for more information for organisations or get in touch through our contact form. By stepping up, you don't just change your business; you elevate Lake Macquarie to new heights of inclusivity.

United, let's channel the Ariel App's capabilities, envisioning a Lake Macquarie shimmering with understanding, innovation, and interconnection. Join us in making Lake Macquarie an exemplar of accessibility and inclusion!

Location Profile 

  • Natural Splendour: A canvas of beauty with pristine beaches, lush forests, and the tranquil delights of lakeside living, all maintained with an eye to accessibility.
  • Thriving Communities: Vibrant neighbourhoods nurturing a sense of belonging, fostering innovation, embracing community values, and working towards a more inclusive city through initiatives like disability inclusion plans.
  • Family-Focused: Designed for life, Lake Macquarie provides a nurturing abode for families to grow and thrive, with accessible parks, playgrounds, and public spaces to enjoy.
  • Business Opportunities: A fertile ground for businesses, offering ample opportunities for growth, collaboration, and success, with an emphasis on accessible services and facilities.
  • Tourist Destination: A mesmerising stop for travellers seeking both relaxation and adventure, with unique attractions and natural wonders, many of which are wheelchair accessible.
  • Inclusive Living: Committed to developing community partnerships to create an inclusive, accessible, and equitable community where everyone can participate freely and live without discrimination.
  • Forward-Looking: Committed to nurturing fresh ideas and cultivating progressive thought, Lake Macquarie is not just a place but a playground for limitless potential, leading with initiatives that foster accessibility and inclusion for all.