NSW, Australia

Launching: 2024

Coming Soon

Exciting news for Tamworth, NSW! Ariel Community is thrilled to announce its upcoming expansion to this vibrant region. Known as the heartland of Australia's country music, Tamworth, home to the Kamilaroi people, is not just about the strumming guitars and the iconic 12-metre high Golden Guitar. It's a city pulsating with rich cultural experiences, from the internationally acclaimed country music festival to exquisite food and wine offerings, and a treasure trove of outdoor adventures.

In a few months, Tamworth residents will witness the arrival of the Ariel App. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we can't wait to share it with you. As we approach this exciting phase, we're buzzing with enthusiasm and hope you join us in this anticipation.

Getting Involved

For Residents and Visitors

Imagine exploring Tamworth in a way that's more inclusive and accessible than ever before. That's what the Ariel App promises. Tailored to diverse needs, the app connects you to a range of accessible and inclusive businesses. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, your experience in Tamworth is about to get a significant upgrade.

Ready to be part of this transformative journey? Download the Ariel App from the App Store or Google Play and start exploring. You have a voice in shaping this community tool. If there are businesses you'd like to see featured on the Ariel App, let us know! There's a suggestion form right on the app’s home page.

For Businesses

For the business community in Tamworth, the Ariel App is your gateway to new opportunities. By joining the Ariel network, you're not just expanding your customer base; you're also committing to an environment that welcomes everyone. It's about being part of a movement that values inclusivity and diversity.

Interested in being a part of this initiative? Great! More information for organisations is just a click away, or you can reach out to us via our contact form. We're excited to collaborate with you in making Tamworth a beacon of inclusivity.

Join us in building a more inclusive tomorrow in Tamworth.

Location Profile

  • Country Music Capital of Australia: Famous for hosting the renowned Tamworth Country Music Festival, attracting thousands of music enthusiasts annually.
  • Iconic Golden Guitar: Home to the famous 12-metre high Golden Guitar, a major tourist attraction symbolising the city's deep roots in country music.
  • Rich Indigenous Heritage: Located in the traditional lands of the Kamilaroi people, reflecting a deep and respectful connection to Indigenous Australian culture.
  • Culinary Delights: Offers a diverse range of food and wine experiences, showcasing local produce and culinary expertise.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Abundant in outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and exploring beautiful natural landscapes in the New England region.
  • Vibrant Arts Scene: Apart from music, the city boasts a thriving arts scene with galleries, theatres, and cultural events.
  • Economic Hub of New England: Serves as a key economic and commercial centre for the New England region of New South Wales.
  • Community Focused: Known for its strong community spirit and ongoing efforts towards inclusivity and accessibility, such as the upcoming launch of the Ariel App.